The Practice of the Presence of God

TThe Practice of the Presence of Godhe Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence has been one of the most enduring spiritual classics of all time—ranking among such great Christian classics as Pilgrim’s Progress  and  The Imitation of Christ. It was originally printed in 1693 and has since been published in millions of copies in over 100 languages.

One of the remarkable things about The Practice of the Presence of God is that it has appealed to Protestants and evangelicals just as much as it has to Catholics. Men like John Wesley and A. W. Tozer have endorsed this enduring work, as have millions of ordinary Christians. Most readers may not agree with every statement that brother Lawrence makes, but virtually no one can read this spiritual work without being deeply affected by it.

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How Practicing the Presence of God Was Written

Brother Lawrence did not actually pen this great spiritual classic himself.  Rather, The Practice of the Presence was compiled from his letters and from a short work he wrote entitled Maxims, which was found among his possessions after his death. It also includes summaries of spiritual discussions that Abbe Joseph de Beaufort had with Brother Lawrence.  Put together, this collection produces a marvelously inspirational and practical work on daily communion with Christ.

Message of This Spiritual Classic

One of the main messages of Practicing the Presence is that God can be encountered everywhere—not just in church. To be sure, Brother Lawrence was devoted to church services, but he sought to remove the dividing line between secular and sacred life. He wrote, “The time we spend in daily duties are not different from times of formal prayer. I enjoy God with as much tranquility when busy at work in the kitchen—where many people frequently call upon me for various duties—as I am on my knees receiving communion.” Brother Lawrence tried to live his entire life by the love of God, such that God’s love motivated every single action he undertook.