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Although various editions of the Practice of the Presence sell for as much as $20.00, our regular price for this spiritual classic is only $5.95 for single copies. However, this spiritual classic is presently on sale for only $2.49. This is over 50% off our regular price.

The Practice of the Presence of God
Reg. $5.95 On Sale: $2.49

The Practice of the Presence of GodBrother Lawrence. Although a humble cook, Brother Lawrence learned the greatest secret of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth: communing with the Lord throughout our daily tasks. He mastered the art of living in the presence of God throughout the day. As he exclaimed, “I am doing now what I will do for all eternity. I am blessing God, praising Him, adoring him, and loving Him with all my heart.”

This is a quality trade paperback edition, not a cheap mass market paperback like so many others sell. How can we sell it so inexpensively? Easy! We are the publisher. When you purchase from us, you’ve eliminated all middlemen.
95 pp. Paperback. Sale: $2.49



The Practice of the Presence of God – Hardcover
Reg. $9.95 On Sale: $6.57

Practice of the Presence of God hardcoverFor a few dollars more, you can have The Practice of the Presence of God in an elegant hardcover edition. Right now, the hardcover version is being featured at 1/3 off of the cover price.
117 pp. Hardcover. Sale: $6.57



The Practice of the Presence of God – Audio book

Practice of the Presence of God audio bookDon’t have time to read? Now you can listen to Brother Lawrence’s spiritual classic while you drive or do chores around the house. This is a slightly condensed version of the book.
60 min. audio CD $4.95



The Practice of the Presence of God – MP3 download

Practice of the Presence of God audio bookWant the audio version of The Practice of the Presence of God instantly? You can have just that with our MP3 download. The download is the exact same version as our audio CD. You can download it and then burn it to a CD or transfer it to your MP3 player.
60 min. MP3 download. $4.95



The Practice of the Presence of God – Paperback + Audio Book combo
Special $5.95

Practice of the Presence of God paperbackWhen you purchase the paperback edition of The Practice of the Presence of God (at 50% off), you can obtain the audio book CD for only $3.50 more. Listen to the audio book while you’re driving and then read the paperback when you get home.
95 pp. paperback + 60 min. Audio CD. Sale: $5.95



To obtain quantity discounts when purchasing The Practice of the Presence of God in bulk (10 or more copies), order below:

The Practice of the Presence of GodWe offer the following quantity discounts on The Practice of the Presence of God to individuals, Bible study classes, bookstores, and all others:

10+ copies: $2.25 per book
25+ copies: $1.98 per book




Here’s what people are saying about Practicing the Presence of God :

“This little book is one that every Christian should have in his or her bookcase. I acquired a copy some thirty years ago. Raising children and feeling somehow not quite as close to God as I should be. This book helped me to remember that God is with me. He is with me when I wash dishes, change diapers, sweep the floor, and prepare endless meals. I have read it many times since I first purchased it, and I have it sitting out to read again.”

Here is another review:

“Brother Lawrence has given us a very practical approach to experiencing the presence of Christ moment-by-moment. He describes in beautiful simplicity what it’s like to walk in constant awareness of God’s love.

Bro. Lawrence writes, ‘If I were a preacher, I would preach nothing but practicing the presence of God… I would urge everyone to be aware of God’s constant presence, if for no other reason than because His presence is a delight to our souls and spirits.’

Bro. Lawrence shares various practical exercises that he found ushers him into the daily presence of God. What at first may seem ritualistic and unnatural should eventually become very natural and fluid. He covers the topic of effective prayer and helps us to break away from our religious concepts of the spiritual life.

This small book will help you in your pursuit of experiencing the depths and riches of Jesus Christ. It will help to bring about the much anticipated spiritual revolution that the church so desperately needs today. If you are ready to leave religion and are looking to find the natural faith of Christ, Brother Lawrence will help in that journey.”